‘HAPPY Christmas’ Assembly 2018

You know it’s Christmas in the Friary Boys when we all gather in the hall with Christmas hats and jumpers (even Mr Stanley had one….with lights!!) to sing Christmas songs and get prizes. The Christmas assembly is a special one and it certainly was a particularly joyous one this year. All classes performed individual songs…

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Building with Knex

Ms Halpenny’s class have been busy practising their building skills before the big man in the red suit arrives. Today they constructed moveable objects such as fans, whisks and ferris wheels using Knex. This improves the children’s fine motor skills and is also a lot of fun. Well done to Ms Halpenny’s class and thank…

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Dundalk Young Irelands Visit

Many thanks to Dundalk Young Irelands GFC who came in to show us the Louth league, Louth championship and Leinster championship that they won last weekend. Some of the squad arrived and were welcomed by a hall that was packed with children from the boys, girls and infants school. We wish them the very best…

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Be Safe Be Seen

In Ms Halpenny’s class today, as part of their SPHE programme and in conjunction with our Green flag initiative on travel in which they learned all about road safety. The RSA endorse a road safety campaign for 2nd class on the importance of wearing high visibility clothing when out walking, cycling or playing. As such, all…

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Picture for Wheel of Fortune

The Friary Wheel of Fortune

Originally part of a fundraising initiative set up in the 50’s. The Wheel of Fortune at the Friary is as popular now as ever. Recognised by many local people as a significant date on the Christmas calendar, the wheel has generated significant funds for the Friary schools over the years. Friends of the Friary get…

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West Midlands Drama

A huge thanks to West Midlands Drama who put on a fantastic show for our boys on Friday. West Midlands Drama performed the tale of ‘Old King Cole’ and the boys enjoyed it a lot and we look forward to seeing you in St Malachy’s BNS again in the near future. 

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