Sacrament of Confirmation 2020

Dear parents, It is almost time to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation for our 6th class and we are looking forward to this special day immensely.  Below is a reminder of the guidelines that were issued by from St. Patrick’s parish. The  Confirmation ceremony will take place this Saturday, 15th August in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. …

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Dear Parents/Guardians and pupils, As we approach the end of what has been an extraordinary school year, I would like to thank all of our ‘school community’ for their hard work and effort, especially over these past 15 weeks. While we have missed out on so many important milestones together, we should be proud of…

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Sacrament Dates

We are delighted that our sacramental celebrations will take place in the coming months. Confirmation will be on Saturday 15th August in St. Patrick’s. Miss Murphy’s class will be at 1pm and Miss Rock’s class at 3pm. Holy Communion will take place on Saturday 26th September in the Friary Church. We have no further details…

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Final Week Activities 22/06/20-26/06/20

Hi Everyone, Hope you had a nice weekend! It’s FINALLY our LAST week of school and we have some really fun activities for you. Below are the activities for that teachers have prepared for their classes. There is no textbook work, the activities are based mostly around our Green Schools with some additional activities on the…

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