Any day a trophy arrives into the school is a special one, but to have 4 trophies and arguably the best player in the country Michael Duffy to answer questions and sign autographs, makes it magical. The Dundalk FC winger was joined by community officer Liam Burns and other representatives of Dundalk FC when they visited the Boys school on Friday. As you will see from the pictures, they got a resounding welcome with banners, jerseys, flags and scarves all on show. First Liam Burns talked about the importance of sport and working hard at sport and school. Michael then answered a number of questions from the boys before getting into class photos and signing jerseys, gloves and what not! It was a fantastic day and we would like to say a huge Thank You to Dundalk FC and Michael Duffy for taking the time to visit. We hope to see them back again next year and they may evenhave added the FAI Cup by then.