Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a nice weekend! It’s FINALLY our LAST week of school and we have some really fun activities for you.

Below are the activities for that teachers have prepared for their classes. There is no textbook work, the activities are based mostly around our Green Schools with some additional activities on the Seesaw programme.

If Parents have any queries relating to schoolwork or you need a Seesaw access code, you can email your teacher using these email addresses:






Learning support teachers (Mrs. Hughes, Ms. Farrell and Mr. Finnegan) can be emailed at: set@stmalachysbns.ie

If parents have any general queries you can always email the school at:


Good luck, enjoy and stay safe

Final Week Grid 2nd Class Final Week Grid 3rd Class Final Week Grid 4th Class Final Week Grid 5th Class Final Week Grid 6th Class