Dear parents,

It is almost time to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation for our 6th class and we are looking forward to this special day immensely.  Below is a reminder of the guidelines that were issued by from St. Patrick’s parish.

The  Confirmation ceremony will take place this Saturday, 15th August in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Covid 19 restriction mean that the celebration of confirmation will be limited to a maximum of 1 hour.  There will be no rehearsal beforehand.

Miss Murphy’s class will be at 1.00pm.

Miss Rock’s class will be at 3.00pm.

It is recommended that everyone is seated in the church 10 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

Boys can wear their own special Confirmation clothes.

Each pupil can be accompanied by his parents and sponsor only.

All these restriction are done to minimalize movement of children and assure safety in accordance with public Health and Safety Guidance.  Please adhere to the guidance and direction from the church officials on the day.

You can find some useful preparation resources in the sacramental resources section of .

Please email the school if you have any further queries.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all for what will be very special Confirmation ceremony.

Mr. K. Farrell  (Principal)