SCIENCE WEEK 2020 is upon us and what a fantastic week it has been in the school so far. There have been a number of excellent experiments taking place such as our 2nd and 3rd class boys were learning about the properties of bubbles, in doing this they have become ‘Bubbleologists’. They experimented with using different gasses inside bubble, creating their own bubble mixtures and even making the bubble BOUNCE on the MAGIC GLOVE!! Our 4th Class were working on electric circuits and learning how electricity flows and the components required to light a bulb. Our 5th class are currently learning about germs and how (far) they travel. This is a very relevant topic in the current climate and one which the boys have really enjoyed. It highlights the importance of hand washing thoroughly a number of times a day. 6th Class spent the afternoon preparing for the ‘Rocket Launch’ which was postponed today due to weather conditions but we hope to have back up and running tomorrow. Check out our photos of the great work being carried out by the Boys in science week in our gallery. Stay tuned for more photos and experiments.