This week in St Malachy’s BNS we are delighted to be celebrating Friendship Week. This is a very special week in the calendar and one that gives us a chance to reflect on just how important friendship is in our lives. We are also, alongside Friendship Week celebrating Anti-Bullying Week which is of equal importance and as a school we outline a clear message that ‘Bullying is never okay‘.

As a result, we have a number of initiatives going on throughout the week including our compliments Jar whereby each boy in the class will give and receive a compliment throughout the week. We are also celebrating our own uniqueness this Friday when we hold ‘Odd Sock’ Day. This is a day where the boys are invited to wear odd socks to school and to show them off, celebrating our unique selves and the fact that we are all different.

Keep an eye on the site for upcoming photos of the events taking place and always remember….It Costs Nothing To Be Nice!!