Today is the commencement of Bike Week 2023 as it runs from May 15th – May 19th.

During the week, we will have a n umber of activities related to biking including our COW (Cycle on Wednesday) initiative on May 17th. We ask that if any pupil cycles in on Wednesday, that they leave tehir bike in the bike shed for the full day rather than an adult taking it home.

On Friday May 19th we will host a Bike skills workshop for boys who cycle to school regularly AND wear a helmet.

We will also have a colouring competition for 2nd classes, design a bike comp for 3rd-6th. Closing date Friday 19th.

A reminder to boys: 

  1. Always wear a helmet 
  2. Dismount their bike at the gate-never cycle in the school yard.
  3. Keep their bike in school on Fri 19th