This week in St Malachy’s BNS we are celebrating ‘Anti-Bullying & Friendship’ Week. All week, the student council have been working very hard on activities for all the classes. On Monday, our friendship tree was decorated with leaves designed by the boys with notes about how to be a good friend and an anonymous complement about someone who you are friends with. On Tuesday, our pupils were given a ‘random act of kindness’ that they would try and carry out throughout the week. On Wednesday, we celebrated the week with ‘Chat-a-Cake’. This was were by pupils in the class sat beside someone they may not interact with very often and got to chat to them with the added bonus of cake. On Friday we will celebrate our individuality and diversity with our ‘Odd Sock Day’. Keep an eye on this post to see all the activities throughout the week.

Cineáltas / Kindness was the theme for our Friendship and Anti-Bullying week. This was intertwinned in each activity throughout the week. All boys were reminded that our school is a ‘Bully Free Zone’ and all classes discussed what to do if they encounter bullying behaviour. Check out our beautiful Cineáltas flag which was unveiled and sits proudly upon our Wellness wall.