Today our Green Flag committee took to finish the process of the Pocket Forest that they had started a few months back at the Fairy Pumping Station. In doing so the boys planted trees throughout the prepped area ranging from small shrubs to taller trees in order to replicate what would be present in a real forest. In the coming weeks and months please be sure to keep an eye on the progress of these planted shrubs and trees to see the fruition of the great work of our green Schools Committe. A huge thanks to Ms Ronan for mentoring our Green Schools Committe and constantly striving for the best for our environment and future. Thanks also to the community support groups who joined us on the day and treated the boys to some well earned refreshments. Check out our video and photos below and remember we are also in the middle of our Big Travel Challenge so be sure to do your best to walk or Park ‘n’ Stride to school.