In preparation for St Brigid’s Day 2023, Ms Ronan and Ms Bond’s 4th classes have been busy making St Brigid’s crosses for our school and community. This is an annual event, thanks to the generosity of Mr Carroll, a past member of staff in the school and whom provides us with the reeds to be able to make these crosses.

Making a St. Brigid’s cross is one of the traditional rituals in Ireland to celebrate the beginning of early spring, 1st February. The crosses are made of rushes that are pulled rather than cut. They are hung by the door and in the rafters to protect the house from fire and evil. According to tradition a new cross is made each St Brigid’s Day, and the old one is burned to keep fire from the house. St. Brigid and her cross are linked together by the story that she wove this form of cross at the death bed of either her father or a pagan lord, who upon hearing what the cross meant, asked to be baptised.

Happy St Brigid’s Day to all our pupils, staff, parents and school community.