The final segment of our Sports day was the famous Calaroga Cup and interclass relay.

The Calaroga cup which was contested this year by eight schools ran across two heats before making way for the grand finale. It was a hugely competitive race ran at electric pace and in the end the overall winners were the De La Salle. Congratulations to them, we look forward to eagerly contesting it again next year.

It was a very special event for our school, esepcially because we had a very special person in Rúairí Matthews. Rúairí has been through a tough time and we were delighted to have him to draw out the teams and present the winners and runners up with their goodie bags.

A big thanks to Rúairí for all his great work. Check out the photos below and the link to Rúairí fundraiser for the Gavin Glynn Foundation.